Are you interested in a challenging professional trade? Earning competitive wages?
Qualifying for a comprehensive employer-paid benefits package? Receiving a competitive pension and retirement plan? Helping to build new homes and buildings to enhance your community?

If the answer is yes, check out these additional benefits of being a union electrician with the IBEW:

  • Paid Apprenticeship School training
  • Referral hall for hiring
  • Political representation for health, safety and economic issues
  • Employer paid life insurance
  • Sickness and accident benefits
  • Comprehensive medical coverage, including prescriptions
  • Comprehensive pension packages

As union members, we bargain collectively with our employers over wages, benefits, and rights.

We have the best chance of receiving better wages, benefits and fair treatment in the workplace by bargaining collectively as a union. Most of us have very limited bargaining power as one person, but as a group, we are strong. And, with a good negotiated contract, we have legal protections we would not have otherwise.

To learn more about the specifics of these benefits visit the IBEW web site.

Introduction Movies

Interested in electrical apprenticeship?

Here are some great introductory movies so you can learn more now.

Play Classroom Instruction movie

Play JATC and Your Future movie

Play Sample Jobs movie

Play What is an Apprentice movie

Earn while you Learn

An apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with classroom training.

You will work year-round for electrical contractors and attend classroom sessions during the academic year. As you learn by doing, you are paid directly by the contractor with whom you are employed. While progressing through the training, you receive guaranteed promotion and pay raises.

Apprentice Services

Apprentices can now log into their personal web account.

With Apprentice Services you can enter Monthly Work Reports, update Contact Information, view Employment history, Work Report history, Advancement history and Class history, including grades and test scores from the current class you are attending.